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Astuces sur les Filtres (Anglais seulement)
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Nom du Gardien Nom de l'ÉquipeCON SK DU EN SZ AG RB SC HS RT PH PS EX LD PO MO OV StatusRequête Agent LibreSPÂgeContratSalaireLien
Mike VernonPenguins100.0083928683867691898686846368323580Sans Restriction2,425,000$ / 103112,550,000$
Ed BelfourCanucks100.007792858283799292888385465646979Sans Restriction2,439,000$ / 202911,925,000$
Grant FuhrOilers100.0072888885827584868082817681252079Sans Restriction2,398,000$ / 103211,850,000$
Curtis JosephBlackhawks100.0082908885878085928686834944592178Sans Restriction2,300,000$ / 302712,400,000$
Ron HextallWhalers100.0081848380837892848484835663416678Sans Restriction2,261,000$ / 303012,400,000$
Tom BarrassoMighty Ducks100.0077919289887484888285824755461478Sans Restriction2,299,000$ / 302912,150,000$
Mike RichterFlames100.0083888481856983898083796268544777Sans Restriction2,068,000$ / 302811,850,000$
Kelly HrudeyCanadiens100.0079818279806785827781786769182475Sans Restriction1,205,000$ / 203311,425,000$
Ken WreggetFlyers100.0073828986856976847680766270396875Sans Restriction1,254,000$ / 30301870,000$
Bob EssensaRed Wings100.0072848683826984847980784854463474Sans Restriction1,144,000$ / 302911,289,000$
Roman Turek (R)Canucks100.0075749087867685838182773242815374Avec Restriction1,196,000$ / 30241325,000$
Tim CheveldaeWhalers100.0077847471767383878277784351681973Avec Restriction1,069,000$ / 302611,450,000$
Felix Potvin (R)Nordiques100.0073798180817684858278763838883773Avec Restriction1,128,000$ / 30231400,000$
Troy GambleMighty Ducks100.0069788582817484828078763849602873Sans Restriction1,126,000$ / 30271400,000$
Mario GosselinFlames100.0075767572756982847975756976331973Sans Restriction1,091,000$ / 20311585,000$
Garth SnowPenguins100.0076788784847083858081764135758073Avec Restriction1,113,000$ / 30251450,000$
Martin BrodeurFlames100.0077828179818180868380782934955673Contrat d'Entrée1,093,000$ / 30221800,000$
Stephane BeauregardRed Wings100.0072768481817681817978754348673573Avec Restriction1,102,000$ / 30261530,000$
Mark FitzpatrickBruins100.0071818885837277857779754847685773Avec Restriction1,099,000$ / 30261625,000$
Byron Dafoe (R)Mighty Ducks100.0073787774777378847976733531821770Avec Restriction720,000$ / 30241300,000$
Parris DuffusMighty Ducks100.0068688178777779858171642833825969Avec Restriction601,000$ / 30241300,000$
Mike Dunham (R)Nordiques100.0068767678737282827971712935977269Contrat d'Entrée591,000$ / 30221400,000$
Dominic RousselNorthstars100.0073727174727279807773724447822569Avec Restriction604,000$ / 30241250,000$
Rick Tabaracci (R)Whalers100.0069787674757481787874732827756868Avec Restriction513,000$ / 30251475,000$
Frederic ChabotCanadiens96.0067687272696479837569704955672068Avec Restriction509,000$ / 30261480,000$
Jacques CloutierBlackhawks100.0077716566676670827272736468112068Sans Restriction498,000$ / 20341400,000$
Peter SidorkiewiczWhalers100.0075707069717270877772733840611967Sans Restriction485,000$ / 30271650,000$
Trevor Kidd (R)Northstars100.0067747576716977807669682828966266Contrat d'Entrée411,000$ / 30221350,000$
Jimmy WaiteRed Wings100.0072757574745768776772703737752065Avec Restriction346,000$ / 30251380,000$
Jamie McLennanNordiques100.0068727174706066766769673834892063Avec Restriction288,000$ / 30231150,000$
Andrew Verner (R)Canucks100.0065667876735866756668622727977162Contrat d'Entrée267,000$ / 30221200,000$
Le status des joueurs a été calcul basé sur le date : 2022-05-19